Introducing Vinnie, a sweet and playful boy who is seeking an understanding and kind home who is willing to work with him and take their time as he is deaf.

Vinnie needs secure fencing and for whomever adopts him to know that he cannot be let off the lead in open spaces away from home.

It is recommended to use a long lead in public spaces like the beach.  

When it comes to company Vinnie loves to be with his people. He also loves the company of other dogs as well.

Vinnie was born on 09/11/2023 into a silent world.
You supply the toys, and he will love you forever.

He is good with cats if introduced properly.

Vinnie has previously been an inside/ outside dog.

Being deaf Vinnie doesn’t understand when a dog is being aggressive towards him, so it is always important to make sure he is always safe.

He is a lovely dog to have around and like all dogs deserves a great family.

As Vinnie is deaf training can take a little longer, teaching him sign language for basic commands works well and rewarding him with treats and pats to show him love. He does walk well on a lead.

The love and loyalty of a deaf dog is unconditional. They look to you for support and reassurance.

Vinnie’s adoption fee is $350.00

I have had the following vet work completed.

  • Desexed
  • Microchipped
  • Flea’d
  • Wormed
  • Health checked.
  • Current C5 vaccination.
  • Council registration in Fraser coast region

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