The Maryborough & District Animal Refuge (often known as simply the Maryborough Animal refuge) is an animal rescue charity. Established over 47 years ago, it has retained its financial independence from bigger organisations such as RSPCA or Council, depending solely upon the support of the Community.

The Refuge was founded in the mid-1970s by a handful of local people concerned about animal welfare. Stray dogs went to the Pound and were often euthanised. The nuisance of stray cats was usually solved in inhumane ways. De-sexing of animals was not widely available and unwanted litters abounded. Pet vaccination was almost unheard of.

Following requests by the early volunteers, land near the current Dept of Transport was leased from the Maryborough City Council. Virtually all the animal building and renovations were done by volunteers. Fund-raising was endless, with cake stalls, raffles and cent auctions.

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels were introduced in the early 1980s as finances increased and continues to thrive, receiving good reviews from owners. The income from the Boarding facility continues to go directly to the operational costs of the rescuing and rehoming of the homeless animals.

The continued existence and success of the Maryborough Animal Refuge is due entirely to the wonderful support from the local community in and around the Maryborough district. Financial donations, legacies in Wills, pet-food and gifts of maintenance services have all contributed to its survival.

Since its beginnings, the Maryborough Animal Refuge has saved and rehomed thousands of abandoned cats, kittens, dogs and puppies – and even the occasional guinea pig, sheep or rooster. With continued support from animal lovers in this community, the Refuge hopes for many more opportunities to give homeless cats and dogs the loving homes they deserve.

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