About Us

We are a completely independent, local charity founded by a small group of volunteers in the mid 1970’s.   We receive no Government or Council funding or financial income and rely on the income raised from our small pet boarding (cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, and the occasional feathered friend!) facility as well as donations from generous individuals within our local community and some local business’ fundraising efforts, to pay bills and wages.  We are still heavily reliant on a wonderful, but small, group of volunteers to help run the refuge, with our limited funds, we can only afford a few casual staff paid positions.

In recent times we have seen a significant increase in the number of animals being surrendered to us due to a number of factors:  difficulties in finding rentals that allow pets, increasing cost of living pressures, as well as domestic violence situations.  

This has placed a large burden on our limited resources so we are forever seeking donations as well as opportunities to fundraise.

Adopt a Pet

Looking for a new member of the family? Opt to adopt a new pet and save a life!

Surrender Your Pet

When you can no logner provide your pet the home is needs, we can help.

How to Help

Your support can help us continue to provide our service to the community

Boarding Services

Going away? We offer a a professional boarding service for your pet.

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